People flying over Los Angeles get a rare photo opportunity, as the world’s largest vinyl record will be spinning on top of the redesigned venue, the Forum. The supersized LP is of the Eagles’ multi-platinum hit, Hotel California. The spinning disc along with the Eagles’ six concerts will be kicking off the opening celebration of the venue.
The record is made from more than a quarter-million square feet (about 23,000 square meters) of printed vinyl and held up by more than half a mile (just under 1 km) of aluminum truss, according to Pop2Life, the marketing and promotion company that came up with the idea. The 407-foot-diameter (124 m) disc spins at 17 mph (27 km/h) and has 15,000 LED lights. While it’s difficult to see from the ground, the Forum’s location right next to LAX airport means that its musical top hat will be visible to at least 1,700 flights each day.

“This was the perfect way to highlight to the world that the Forum is back in business and for us to honor America’s biggest band, the Eagles, who continue to be one of the most popular and successful groups touring today, and the first performer to play our iconic venue,” said the Forum’s Sid Greenfeig, senior vice president, West Coast business operations.

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EDITOR: Mike Lee
IMAGE: Forum Record