Q. MRCPROMO: Peace Bang’em Smurf, how you doing fam?
A.BANGEM: Peace, everything smooth my g can’t complain God is great just thankful to be here.

Q. MRCPROMO: Where are you originally from? Where is home now?
A. BANGEM: I’m from Queens NY. 134th Guy R. Brewer south side to be exact, I now reside in Trinidad my place of birth.. I got deported six years ago.

Q. MRCPROMO: For those who aren’t familiar with your music history or background, can you tell us how you got started in the rap game?
A. BANGEM: I actually been in this game since 15 I used to run with the late great Freaky Tah from the legendary rap group Lost Boyz R.I.P.. He was the first one to school me to this music biz learned a lot from being around them at a tender age & I’m one of the former co-founders of G-unit. I’m that g that kept them old heads off of 50 u know what I’m talking bout? Lol..

Q. MRCPROMO: How did you get the role in The Movie You Ain’t No Killer?
A. BANGEM: I been putting a lot of work in the streets for years my work ethic crazy I grind. The director Kama from Toronto Canada reached out to me like I got a official role for you & wanted to shoot the conclusion of the movie in my city (Trinidad) he sent the script and I loved it.. and it was on from there history!

Q. MRCPROMO: Where was the movie filmed?
A. BANGEM: The movie You Ain’t No Killer (Yank) was shot in Toronto, Jamaica & Trinidad.

Q. MRCPROMO: Can you give us a brief description about the movie and the role you play?
A. BANGEM: The movie is based on a drug ring ran by OX that started in Toronto shift to Jamaica & ended in Trinidad can’t really say to much on it, & my role is me just being me Trinidad top dog heavy gunplay straight classic.

Q. MRCPROMO: Who are some of your co-stars?
A. BANGEM: Teddy Brukshot from Shottaz also known as Ox from Belly, Kama, Bandy Rip, Orlando Octave,and Krime Rip & the Dance Hall Queen Lady Star from Jamaica.

Q. MRCPROMO: Is the independent film business or Hollywood in your future?
A. BANGEM: We did it all on our own on some independent shit but Hollywood trying to get a piece of the pie will see how it play out but Hollywood or not this movie going to be huge.

Any other projects you working on or releases you have out now? Where can we buy?
A. BANGEM: Yeah I’m working on my new Ep Blacklisted 2 & the could pick up Blacklisted on iTunes & You Ain’t Know Killer Yank dropping in spring 2015.

Q. MRCPROMO: Last words or shouts?
A. BANGEM: Shout out to y’all for the interview, & shout out to everyone on my label Feed Da Wolves Entertainment & free Domination & AG..

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