This interview was conducted with Frank Stoner CEO of Health Daddy Wow LLC of Louisville ,Ky by phone…

Q. MRCPROMO: Thanks Mr. Stoner for the interview.. how long have you been in business?
A. FRANKSTONER: I’ve been in business for five years since this may.

Q. MRCPROMO: How did you start out?
A. FRANKSTONER: I didn’t really intend to have a business like this, so i didn’t really plan on it. I change my life about 10 years ago do to bad health. The doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me so i started reading, i had to find out for myself. I started to save money I wasn’t being a consumer anymore. I saved up enough to go into business. I wanted to save the people. I had found the right products that made me feel good when i was on my health kick and i just wanted the world to know…

Q. MRCPROMO: What types of products do you sale?
A. FRANKSTONER: We sell vitamins ,herbs, cleansings my biggest seller I would say is bowl motions.. alot of people are clogged up like i was ten years ago.. we need to go to the restroom everyday. We also sell sage.. my partner sells hand made stone jewels like the precious jewels of the world such as Tourmaline, Quartz crystals, Tiger Eyes and Hematite we put them in necklaces, we sell water filters to clean your water, alkaline water.. alkaline water is the key to health. We sell oils ect.. we shouldn’t be putting man made lotions and soaps and shampoos on our skin.. that kind of stuff is not really marketed to us.. we have to get into reading the ingredients. Most of the ingredients are poisonous. Find out what they are putting in these products. One good thing about America they do make you list the ingredients.. just look up one of those fifteen twenty letter words back there, and just put it in your google.. and see what that stuff is.. its really easy.. anything you put on your skin goes inside the skin and into the body. We sell plant based oils.. sesame seed oil.. almond oil.. Moringa oil, flax seed all those oils are plant based you can’t go wrong with plant oils, everything healthy for you.. our products are also vegan.

Q. MRCPROMO: How do you keep updated on new health products that hit the market?
A. FRANKSTONER: Well see.. the thing is we’re not main stream so we don’t care what hits the market.. as a matter of fact we want to stay away from those kinds of things.. alot of people don’t believe me when i say i don’t eat drink or smoke anything with a commercial on TV…. probably maybe less than 5% of the stuff on TV i would indulge in and that’s probably pistachios nuts. We don’t care about what’s trending or so to speak or the new vitamin or herb out there most of that stuff is pharmaceutical grade anyway it’s really not good for you.. it’s gonna make something go bad.. if I do hear about something new it best be plant based..

Q. MRCPROMO: Can someone submit a product to be sold in your store, how does that usually work?
A. FRANKSTONER: Yea a person could submit a product for our store, small businesses, also start-ups our very welcomed. If i can find somebody that makes clothing or something.. I would be glad to have them bring it in that’s what we are about. We trying to get industry started we’re trying to employ some people keep people from buying Louis Vuitton.. you know what i’m saying.. so yea somebody can come to me but its got to be something that’s not poisoning the masses.. or something from a big corporation.

Q. MRCPROMO: What is the hardest part about running a vegan and vitamin store?
A. FRANKSTONER: LOL.. The hardest part is educating the public.. see it’s hard to get across to people that a plant is better than a pharmaceutical man-made in a laboratory.. some how we been so far removed from nature.. we don’t understand that nature has the best product.. that’s the hardest part educating the public on what’s healthy and what’s not..

Q. MRCPROMO: What does your healthy food pyramid look like?
A. FRANKSTONER: Yea i have a food pyramid it would first start with fruits ..then it would be some vegetables..right at the top would be sea vegetables.. sea moss.. sea weed.. all your sea vegetables.. your nuts would be there.. a couple of them so there would be Brazil nuts and walnuts, the other nuts would be for recreational use not much nutrition in those.. then you know your lettuces.. your greens.. would be up there …I’m not a big fan of Kale greens because there hard to digest.. so it would start out with fruits and then sea vegetables.. kelp, blue green alge and those kind of things you know..

Q. MRCPROMO: What advice would you give someone who wants to eat right on a budget or the folks that say organic foods are to expensive?
A. FRANKSTONER: Its not hard to eat right , find you a farmer’s market to buy your fruits and vegetables from, well… you can’t get the best fruit here because of our climate. If your on a budget turn off your cable TV, stop going to too many concerts.. cut off the extracurricular activity stuff spend your money where you need it.. not on clothes and shoes.. then you would have money for your better eating habits.. what’s expensive is.. those process foods that make you go to the hospital, you going get that hospital bill along with the food bill.. but best advice i would give, stop spending on clothes.. shoes.. I haven’t bought clothes in years because in my past i had so many clothes that I didn’t have to buy any more… don’t get into those styles.. what’s hot today ect.. the new jeans and all that.. so get your mind off what they doing on TV and you will have money to eat right.


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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Health Daddy Wow