The two have been friends for several years having established their connection through an all female Hip Hop collective called Supafly, based in Bussels, Belgium. It was only a matter of time before a collaboration blossomed. “Rum N Coke” pairs Czarnik’s melodic vocals over a smooth horn laden track that pays homage to East Coast Hip Hop, a staple of Inksalonious’ Brooklyn based label Real Phresh Music.

Producer & Emcee Incksalonius With Poet & Emcee Melissa Czarnik

“Rum N Coke” – The Rummy Remix

Released by: Real Phresh Music, Release date: 24/1/2013. Soulful females representing that hip-hop music.

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Melissa Czarnik | Twitter

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ARTICLE: SayWhutOhWerd
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: Incksalonius / Melissa Czarnik